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Don’t Be Afraid To End Relationships With Bullshitters!

29. March 2014

I recently had a short-lived memory of the relationships I’ve axed.  Not just those that were of the romantic sort, but those that were familial as well as platonic with acquaintances of the same and opposite sex.

I thought back on these failed relationships to ask myself, "What did I do wrong?"  And I honestly answered myself: "NOTHING!"  Like many that have any sort of morals, I consider myself to be a loyal person.  And I can say that I am actually loyal to a fault.  I can say that because, in the past, I have overextended myself in an attempt to salvage relationships that I was not at fault for compromising.  I have backed down in quite a few circumstances to allow the other person that is at fault for whatever issue(s) feel as though their actions weren’t "that bad" and were forgiven when I actually viewed their actions as (borderline) unforgivable.  All to salvage an unhealthy relationship.  And to keep a failed relationship intact.

The majority of my life I felt as though long-term friends and biological family were to be placated and forgiven; because,  (DUH!), this is someone I’ve known an entire lifetime.  But you know what, FUCK THAT!   Bullshit, is bullshit.  And in the last 5-6 years I call it what it is and I no longer take my loyalty to a point where I am uncomfortable in remaining the same and allowing things to blow over.   And fakin’ like everything is everything when it ain’t.

I say all this to say: When it is time to let go, LET GO!  You know when a relationship/situation is uncomfortable for YOU.  

The saying: “People only do to you what you allow them to do.” Is THEE TRUEST!  If you are the type to baby grown ass people in their bullshit, cut it out!  If you are surrounded by negative, phony ass people, you may find yourself alone, but that is more than okay.  Better alone than walking on egg shells, coddling bogus "grown" folks.

Just be accountable for your shit and make all those around you do the same for their shit.  Any grown person that lacks the logic to understand their wrongs or doesn’t care to right their wrongs when it involves another person, deserves to lose relationships.